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The manufacturing industry is at a tipping point and  in next few years, all known business processes and models are going to get changed. It is already affecting many industries. Today, the changes are more profound and visible in the B2C industry. However, the changes and disruptions in B2B industry will be even more profound. We are probably facing the most disruptive industrial revolution in the history of man-kind. The founding members of the dDriven team were already in the business of disruptive digital transformation. Over the last few years we have taken part in major digital transformation projects in large scale manufacturing and production operations. We have seen its impact in those pioneering projects. We felt the need of a pure-play technology company that will be on the customers side and approach digitalization from their side, i.e. business backward. A company that will help manufacturers to navigate through the disruptive changes of data-driven digitalization. A technology start-up that will not distinguish between IT and OT, can deal with equal ease with both time series data and relational data, can apply everything from first principle models to deep learning technology where needed. We therefore started our own journey and aspire to build the technology start-up of our dream. 

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