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In the pursuit of data driven excellence

Technology inspires and uplifts human spirit.

It’s ABOUT breaking the silos

We build disruptive solutions. Our solutions beak data silos, they break functional barriers, they circumvent obstructing hierarchy, they melt power centers and fear centers. Our solutions unleash data to drive innovation, creativity and excellence in every nook and corner of the enterprise. The power of data increases in geometric proportions when data from machines, plants, manufacturing and business join forces. We, along with our customers are witnesses to the transformational power of data. We have seen how data-driven business visibility washed away inefficient processes, broken down communication barriers, liberated people from their secret burrows and brought them to an open and collaborative work space. 


  • Power Generation
  • Logistics
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Business Management 
  • Finance
  • Procurement 
  • Material Management
  • Human resources 


We build solutions that allows you to communicate your goals and KPI’s down to the lowest level, allows your staff at every level to understand their role and contribution against the big picture, enable them to align their priorities and actions and achieve the common big objective. Equipped with the understanding and analytical insights, a furnace operator knows how the excess oxygen in a furnace influences the companies Energy Intensity Index, what short term and long term actions to be taken. Like the furnace operator, it empowers every stake holder to take data-driven decisions, align their priorities to the common objective and pursue the common goal – excellence. 

​We believe that data drives excellence. It can transform the way we run our plants, machineries and businesses, cut down pollutions, losses and accidents, eliminate blind spots from the intersections of functions and layers, untangle the business processes, and allow people to be more creative and innovative. It drives a business process re-engineering that affects every stake holder.  We, a team of datapreneurs, set out on a journey with our customers to pursue excellence through data. 


  • Petroleum Refining
  • Oil & Gas – Conventional
  • Oil & Gas – Shale/ CBM
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Process
  • Maintenance
  • Reliability
  • QualitySupply Chain 





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