The ONLY Platform in the world that accurately Quantifies the Economic Impact of any deviation, exception, or event.
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    All exceptions and potential exceptions are turned into “Lost Profit-Opportunity (LPO)” units based on rules and associated with reason codes.

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    Library of Algorithms seek out correlations, anomalies in data and allow human expert like interpretation and prediction capability.

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    Library of Logic, rules, mathematics and statistics allow slicing and dicing of data, aggregation and disaggregation to provide deeper insights from different perspectives.

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    Library of object templates, detectors, rules, hierarchy management services seek out events, exceptions, and push notifications to relevant stake holders in right time within opportunity window.


dDriven’s digitalization platform is designed based on 1000’s of real use-cases from the manufacturing and production industry worked upon by the founding team over last 12 years.

It contains all the data-infrastructure and microservices to digitalize all types of physical or tangible entities such as motors, pumps, vessels, etc., and intangible entities such as functions, workflows, events, etc., in any manufacturing or production business.

It allows logical and multi-perspective aggregation and disaggregation of information along any paradigm or hierarchy allowing businesses to have a 50,000 ft. oversight and the ability to drill down across paradigm to the lowest level of details.

It is geared to leverage streaming and stored historical data from sensors, from automations systems (e.g. PLC, SCADA, DCS), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), ERP Systems and also from Specialized Sensors & Equipment such as Video Streams, etc.

The platform can easily scale in terms of data volume, number of data sources, number of physical assets, number of business and manufacturing functions, number of plants and business units, number of users, etc.

The platform is designed for the people who run Business, Manufacturing, and Engineering Operations. It is architected based on deep understanding of the data in a typical manufacturing or production plant and business. Its foundation is based on our

  • deep expertise and thorough experience of unleashing and leveraging such data,
  • deep understanding of role, perspective and requirement of various stakeholders such as plant manager, functional managers, business heads, engineers, plant operators and other staff,
  • deep knowledge and thorough experience of various manufacturing verticals.

dDriven’s platform encompasses a wide array of capabilities and technologies.

  • It connects to a wide array of sensors / IoT gateways, Automation Systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems, ERP Systems and File Systems such as Video Management Systems, etc.
  • It unleashes and processes the data with a myriad of technologies that allow for the creation of digital replicas of all tangible and intangible entities of an enterprise. These entities or objects aggregate and disaggregate following various hierarchies present in the real business world.
  • It also uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing techniques to provide human like interpretation of anomalous conditions in manufacturing processes and in business.
  • It uses very sophisticated logic and algorithms to capture the economic impact of deviations, excursions or events, and provides insights through analytics.

The platform addresses business needs in four fundamental layers

3-ECONOMICS – The fourth layer provides quantified economic perspective to excursions and events . It helps business to prioritize interventions by providing visibility into the impact of exceptions and deviations in terms of “Lost Opportunity Units” which can be mapped to dollar or man-hour or any other measurement units.

2-FORESIGHT – The third layer adds capability to predict events, forecast trends, and provide human like interpretation of situations.

1-INSIGHT – In the second layer, context and multi-perspective analytical insight is added to facilitate 360 degree view of the situation and drill down to root cause.

0-HIGHLIGHT – At the base layer, it provides a through and through visibility into operations. It brings out all the business and manufacturing process highlights to the right stakeholder at the right time.


Drastic reduction of Lost Profit Opportunity (LPO) and Operational Risk


Zero dead-band between an event or exception and decision


Course correction within opportunity window reducing loss and avoiding safety incidents


Strategic foresight into potential disruptions, optimization opportunities across machines, fleets, plants, functions or business operations


Quantitative Economic perspective of all current & potential events