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We build data fusion “Digital Twins” hidden under the graphical and animated “Decision Tiles”. We build it  for every machine, flow, vibration, pressures and temperatures. We build it for planning, scheduling, procurement, shipment and any other conceivable functions, tasks, workflows and events. The twins and tiles blend and roll up together along various paradigms to create a 50,000 feet multi-perspective synopsis of the business. They also disaggregate on demand to reveal deeper secrets, root causes and LPO (Lost Profit Opportunity) lurking underneath. 

Technology is the greatest democratic force on earth today. 


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We deliver pre/semi-fabricated digital twins and tiles for various industry verticals. The tiles provides a graphical, animated simple interface to the underlying digital twins. The digital twins are complex data objects. The twins are also exposed to other applications through API for additional processing. These twins and tiles can be assembled quickly to create a digital replica of the entire business operations including production, supply chain, manufacturing, finance, etc. We have built very large scale solutions covering multiple petroleum refineries, large oil & gas production operations, very large petrochemical manufacturing operations, etc. 


  • Power Generation
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  • Discrete Manufacturing
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  • Material Management
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INCUBIOT is a productized consulting package that helps manufacturers and producers to get started on “Digitalization” journey. It helps business management and manufacturing domain experts to understand Industrial IoT and Digitalization. It helps to identify use-cases and their potential economic impact, identify and understand the potential technologies and tools, their maturity, expected evolution path, etc. It helps business to prioritize and strategize their digitalization journey and select tools and partners in a most informed way.