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Solutioning is an art. Technologies are colors that blend together to create a painting - the solutions. It starts with understanding the domain. It depends on knowing the critical success factors.  It involves forming a team with stake holders and end-users or business. 

Our solutioning process starts with understanding the business problem if it is already identified and recognized. We also help the customer to explore potential improvements made possible by today's technology. We share the best practices that can be of potential benefit to the customer. We also ensure that the project sponsors and senior management understand the economic impact, impact on business processes, organization structure, workflow, level of transparency and most importantly the impact of the changes on people. We communicate and advise on the role of management in ensuring project success and mitigation of hurdles. We carry out a "Proof-of-Concept (POC)" so that the viability of the technologies involved and usability of the final solution are tested. The process also helps to drive stake-holder involvement, stimulate ideas and requirements from the end users and discover all the potential challenges and risks. It is needless to say that we provide frank and honest evaluation of the technology choices.

Solutions that solve problems

We are here to build long term relationships based on

trust and confidence. 


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Our solutions are already in use in very large refineries and large petrochemical plants. We are also working with large rotating equipment manufacturing on an innovative pilot on manufacturing digitization. We are also working with a white goods manufacturer on an innovative IoT and B2B combo. We are helping a major Asian conglomerate to put together critical technology pieces for their Big-Data infrastructure. We are very excited to blend the various technologies into solutions those solve real problem and create new values. 


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